You'll find our fine woodworking shop nestled in the town of Shortsville, NY. Shortsville is home to an annual sauerkraut festival which could make your visit extra special. If cabbage isn't for you, you might consider the annual Wild Water Derby, two days of wacky and wild water events that we've been sponsoring for years. One other bit-o-trivia: way back in the early 80's, Shortsville was home to our first headquarters, so we'll always have a soft spot in our hearts for this small community.

As a Pioneer Millworks reclaimed board exits the resaw and edger, it passes through the hands of some of the most experienced guys in the shop. These artisans assess each board and allocate it it to a batch according to our tightly-worded grade descriptions, ready for its trip to the kiln.

We collect old wood from barns, industrial buildings, old textile mills, old saw mills, water towers, wine vats, and we've even got some timber from the Welland Canal lock gates.

As a wholesaler, we keep our nine acre yard filled with everyday inventory items along with materials we acquire through demolition projects and common purchase.